WG name: Millennium Falcon

WG chair: Joni Pirovich ⚓

WG members: Primavera De Fillipi 🐨, Joshua Tan 🌹, Tomicah Tillemann 🤠, Andrei Taranu, Anja von Rosenstiel, Silke 🦭, Jake Hartnell, Morshed Mannan, Chris Wray, Rolf Hoefer, Balazs Nemethi 😈, Connor Spelliscy, Vic Wells, Ori Shimony, Isaac Patka, Muhammad Asghar

Date this page last updated: 17 October 2023

The WG members met weekly during January - March 2023 to discuss the scope and PoC of Project #1. Since then, WG members have worked asynchronously across various workstreams which are summarised below.

How to support us?

Donations or grant funding to support our ongoing work, which at this stage is volunteer based but for the funding shown below.

Funding allocated to date comprises:

Workstream #1: DAO Registry

Core team

Joni Pirovich (BADASL - Aus), Joshua Tan (Metagov - US), Muhammad Asghar (US)

How to join: Email [email protected]

Brief description

This workstream introduces a DAO* (pronounced DAO star) Registry - an interface accompanied by data standards, based on the COALA DAO Model Law.

The intended outcome of a DAO* Registry is to demonstrate the maturing nature of DAOs and the capacity of the industry to self-regulate. Self-regulation requires the industry to invest time and cost to build regulatory supervision tools, including a registry, to view, monitor and supervise DAO activities.

The data standards leverage from EIP-4824 (focused on enhancing the legibility of DAOs), to enable graduating levels of visibility into a DAO. It is intended that DAOs should be able to adopt the data standards without engaging with the DAO* Registry but by choosing to engage with the DAO* Registry a DAO can receive a basic or higher level DAO* designation. Workstream #2 is focussed on DAO regulatory developments across securities law, anti money-laundering and terrorism-financings laws, privacy laws and competition/anti-trust laws, whereby a DAO’s compliance with data standards produced in those areas could form part of a higher level DAO* designation.

The DAOs of tomorrow likely won’t be the same as the DAOs of today, so standards of visibility that are useful for the public will evolve. However, we assume the basic information collected by corporate registries and required by regulators today will likely hold. Upon registration of a company or LLC which requires the giving of certain information to the registry operator, that company or LLC has distinct legal personhood and limited liability status because it fits within (and is bound by) an existing legal regime. DAOs do not (clearly) fit within an existing legal regime and the technology does not (clearly) require the giving of same or similar information to a registry to function.